The MEG (Modular Ergonomic Grip)

The MEG series is a line of instruments that are composed of two pieces: a reusable handle and a cartridge.  This reduces cost and waste relative to disposable instruments.

A wide range of cartridges including forceps, scissors, grasper, etc. are available.  The high quality, insulated, light weight metallic handles are fully sterilizable and autoclavable.


  • Premium ergonomics and comfort to the surgeon. The handle fits naturally in the palm of the hand, without the confinement of finger-loops. This means prolonged comfort and much reduced fatigue. 
  • Natural ratchet ON/OFF and release feature with finger and thumb 
  • Single hand full rotation 
  • Easy cartridge release and loading
  • Supports disposable, reposable, and reusable cartridges with diameters of 2.7mm - 12mm
A MEG handle with several cartridges.

A MEG handle with several cartridges.