RF Kinetics Inc. is proud to introduce our newest breakthrough technology: The RFK-NonStick all ceramic coating for electro-surgical electrodes.

Non-stick coatings are extremely valuable for electro-surgical products.  They improve performance in RF energy transfer, reduce eschar buildup, and eliminate time wasted on frequent cleaning of non-coated electrodes.

Comparison of RFK-NonStick with other coating types

Comparison of RFK-NonStick with other coating types

Our exciting new non-stick coating has the following advantages:

  • The coating is hard and will not peel like some silicone rubber coatings.

  • It is scratch resistant.

  • It is durable, even repeatedly, for all sterilization methods including steam autoclaving.

  • It is biocompatible and absolutely non-toxic.

  • It does not contain any PTFE or related materials.

  • It does not break down or disintegrate during use.

  • It does not emit fumes.

  • It is competitively cost-effective