Protect your patients from electrosurgical burns with the Scannula Scanning System.  

Defects in the insulation of monopolar electrosurgical instruments can allow electrical energy to flow to unintended tissue, often outside the field of view of the surgeon.  This may lead to burns, injuries, and even the death of the patient.

The Scannula is the first and only product that prevents burns by performing convenient real-time scanning of monopolar electrosurgical instruments of all makes each time they enter a patient’s body.  

The Scannula has an array of sensors that detect potential burn hazards embedded inside a state-of-the-art conventional cannula.

It is easy to use.  Simply insert an instrument into the Scannula as you would do with a conventional cannula, and the system will automatically scan the incoming instrument for insulation defects. 

The Scannula is a unique and innovative device that:

  • protects your patients from burns due to defective instrument insulation

  • tests instruments where and when it counts - upon entering the human body through the cannula

  • delivers enhanced safety at no additional cost compared to traditional cannulas

  • is compatible with all makes of monopolar instruments and electrosurgical generators


  • state-of-the-art cannula

  • audio and visual alerts about the status of the medical device under use

  • can be used as a conventional cannula